NEECO2A2 - Consumer Services Billing Rate - April 2014 (Tuesday, 13 May 2014 09:26)
NEECO2A2 - Consumer List Sta Rosa (Tuesday, 29 April 2014 14:36)
NEECO2A2 - Consumer List San Leonardo (Tuesday, 29 April 2014 14:35)
NEECO2A2 - Consumer List Palayan City (Tuesday, 29 April 2014 14:34)
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NEECO2A2 - Consumer List Gen Natividad (Tuesday, 29 April 2014 14:26)
NEECO2A2 - Consumer List Rizal (Tuesday, 29 April 2014 14:13)
NEECO2A2 - Consumer List Penaranda (Tuesday, 29 April 2014 14:10)
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SEPTEMBER 22, 1981

  • NEA divided the NEECO I and NEECO II giving birth to NEECO III to operate Sta. Rosa, San Leonardo, Peñaranda, Gen. Tinio, Bongabon, Laur, Gabaldon, Rizal, Llanera, Gen. Natividad, Palayan City and Dingalan, Aurora


  • Local Government Units requested NEA to dissolve NEECO III


  • MECs submitted another support resolution calling the NEECO III dissolution


  • MECs gathered some 21,000 signatures equivalent to 58% of the total registered member-consumers, representing more than the required percentage to dissolve the NEECO III

MARCH 23, 1992

  • NEA issued a Notice of Dissolution to NEECO III pursuant to Section 34 of PD 269

MARCH 30, 1992

  • Fifty-two employees of the defunct NEECO III resigned and accepted their separation pays

APRIL 13, 1992

  • NEA Administrator Rodrigo Cabrera created a committee to evaluate and study options in order not to disrupt electric service on the former NEECO III area. A Management Team was formed to supervise the continuation of the defunct cooperative.

MAY 27, 1992

  • NEA and NEECO II signed a Memorandum of Agreement for the latter to temporarily operate former NEECO III area


  • NEA Board of Administrators created the NEA Management Team (NMT) after NEECO II failed to fully operate the defunct NEECO III

Key events and executive officers of NEECO II - Area 2, past and present


  • The group of Engr. Ferdinand Pamintuan supervised NMT. The employees had to go out to collect payments with only a skeletal force left in the office
Engr. Ferdinand Pamintuan


  • Mr. Danilo M. Cruz, as Project Manager of NMT, introduced several innovations that helped the defunct power cooperative rebound. He initiated among others, Special Energy Recovery Group, the meter clustering approach through Sinag-Tala (Sinag ng Tao sa Lansangan, SULO, and conducted massive information drive to improve the employees’ public relations ability.
Danilo M Cruz


  • Project Manager Inocencio M. David led the acquisition of 7,335 sq.m. lot in San Leonardo, Nueva Ecija and negotiated for the donation of a 1,000 sq.m. lot for the planned Gen. Natividad Sub-station
Inocencio M. David


  • With Mr. Paulino T. Lopez heading, NMT was able to install the 5MVA Sub-station in Gen. Natvidad and another 10 MVA Sub-station in San Leonardo.
Paulino T. Lopez


  • NMT was renamed Nueva Ecija II Electric Cooperative- Area 2 (NEECO II-Area 2) with Mr. Ramon M. De Vera as first Chief Executive Officer.


  • NEECO II-Area 2 consistently achieved the NEA Category A+ for its performance.
Engr. Ramon De Vera